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Essential B2B Appointment Setting Tips for Sales Managers

all sales managers depend upon B2B appointments to close any deal. It is tough for sales to take place without face-to-face interaction with the prospect

B2B appointment setting is a process that is necessary to generate sales for big conglomerates. It is also an art that requires utmost finesse as you’re trying to convert high-level decision makers into sales prospects. So, one needs to be careful before going for a B2B appointment setting. Here we are sharing some tips and tricks to help you master the tactic of B2B appointment.

Usually, all sales managers depend upon B2B appointments to close any deal. It is tough for sale to take place without face to face interaction with the prospect. The maximum amount of time is spent to set up an appointment with a prospect by tele-calling or by managing appointment setting activities on a computer.



If you are someone facing challenges to set up appointments, focus on the below-mentioned points…


1. Research about the prospect

Preparation is vital to setting an appointment. It is essential to know your prospect to know what to say. Cold calling is not the right approach for the salespeople; mostly because they have to deal with a large number of accounts and often face rejection. The best way is to come across with confidence and believe in what you are saying.

Research what you can about the prospect’s business in advance. It will help you anticipate there concerns and requirements.


2. Use multiple mediums

Many a time B2B appointment setting is considered as mere cold calling which is a false perception. Appointment setting can include numerous mediums such as websites, voicemails, emails, messages via social media and personalised notes. Some of the prospects are not interested in sales messages and hence ignore them. Therefore, it is vital for the lead generation team to contact the prospects multiple times to get a reply to your messages.


3. Reach out to prospects during “off hours.”

Business leaders usually do not punch in sharp at 9 and leave the office sharp at 5. If your prospect is a top executive, try to reach early morning or else late in the evening, or during lunchtime. It is usually because the leaders get their integral follow up done before the day ends. However, it is also essential to give your prospects enough time to take action that very day.


4. Make the best use of referrals

When someone gives you referrals, he or she provides you with a tremendous advantage as the referrer will be more convenient to speak with you. The best people to ask for referrals is your network instead of prospects. When reaching out in an organisation for the first time, you have to steer through the gatekeeper and find the decision makers in the organisation. The best way to do this is by asking for an internal referral. The CEO or executive assistant to the president can give a ton of information and might show you the right path.


5. Be patient and persistent

The appointment setting process is time-consuming. In a B2B setting, sellers usually don’t have an unlimited prospect pool. Therefore, once your targets are defined, you’ll have to be persistent in your efforts to reach them. Multiple efforts might be required to get the response from a prospect. People are busy and flooded with sales offers. You need to reach out to them using different channels- Calls, emails or voice messages to fix an appointment for a meeting.

It is recommended to contact your prospects every couple of weeks. Changing markets can change the needs of any prospect. A negative response today might convert into a “yes” after a few months.


6. Confirm appointment before the meeting

The appointment setting process needs too much hard work and determination. Therefore, while leaving a message with the prospect, you must reiterate the information twice. In the same way, collecting details about the prospect including their email address and time & date of appointment is essential. It will avoid reaching to the client’s office and finding that he is out of office or has completely forgotten about the meeting.


7. Outsource appointment setting process

B2B appointment setting is a difficult task. Reaching out to the right person can often take months working up the ladder. Furthermore, all of it requires prerequisite skill to penetrate the organisational structure and secure the appointment.

Therefore, many businesses choose to outsource appointment setting services to agencies. Hiring experts ensure qualified B2B leads, in bonus the sales process feels like an “autopilot” project for your sales team. The service provider helps schedules initial appointments with prospects on your behalf.

From this point on, the sales team can take over the negotiation part and close the sale. Remember that the agency can get you qualified leads, but it’s up to you to make the closure.

Time is money, we at BeyondCodes can help your business save both with B2B appointment setting services. You can be sure you’ll only get highly qualified leads, and you always talk to a decision maker who understands your business and its value.



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