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A data-driven service that connects social media and performance to lead companies to achieve and measure strategies.



Digital marketing can give your business a competitive advantage by helping you attract new leads, strengthen your online presence, and increase your revenue. To achieve successful results in digital marketing, it is essential to have a strategic plan in place and continually optimize it.   

Our digital marketing agency has the capacity and expertise to execute numerous campaigns at scale with minimal turnaround time. We create well-defined and targeted strategies that reduce the time it takes to see returns and maximize ROI.  

Beyond Codes is a top digital marketing company that can help you achieve objectives and more. Our team of skilled professionals prioritizes customer satisfaction, and our digital marketing services can take your brand’s growth to the next level. 

Our Approach to Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

  • Analysis, Review, And Optimization of Webpages 
  • Content Development to Increase Website Traffic 
  • Design Testing and Layout Testing To Gain The Most Organic Traffic 
  • Link Building 
  • Keyword Analysis for The Best Outcome On SERP 

Pay Per Click Campaigns

  • Creation, Management & Optimization of PPC Campaigns on Google, Bing, and All Social Media Platforms 
  • Keyword Research and Refine The List Of Targeted Search Terms 
  • Performance Analysis and Optimization 
  • Regular And Timely Performance Reports 

Email Outreach Programs

  • Target Audience Identification and Data Mining 
  • Mobile-Friendly Email Campaigns 
  • Drip Marketing Follow-Up Approach 
  • Fresh Content Creation for HTML Templates, Newsletters, Blogs, and Landing Pages 
  • Campaign Analysis and Reporting 

Social Media Marketing Programs

  • Social Media Pay-Per-Click Campaigns 
  • Content Creation for Posting 
  • Management Of Social Media Accounts, Pages, Profiles, And Social Handles 
  • Response Handling for Engagement 
  • Increasing Social Outreach and Creation Of Brand Awareness 

Marketing Automation

  • Automation Tool Management 
  • Campaign Handling and Goal Setting 
  • Designing Templates and Content for Emailers 
  • Result Analysis and Reporting 

Marketing Analytics

  • Google Analytics- Set-Up, Reporting & Analysis 
  • Social Media Reports Research and Analysis 
  • Campaign Analytics 

Our Differentiators

People, Process & Systems

People, Processes & Systems, are the three pillars of our organization’s delivery framework.

Compliance and QA

3 Levels of QA before a Lead is closed, CAN-SPAM Trained Resources, GDPR Compliant process.

Risk Reward Model

Our flexible pricing models allow you to pay per lead, building a low-risk model for you.

Multi-Channel Approach

A combined Call + Email + LinkedIn reach out to engage the prospects at the right time with the right message.

Call Smart Model

Our proprietary Call SMART methodology connects you to the right decision-makers and influencers in the industry with more predictable ROI.

Industries we Serve

edtech - Beyond Codes


EdTech uses computers, computer programs, and educational systems to provide learning and training to students and employees.

Fintech -Beyond Codes


Fintech is a fast-growing industry that helps companies explore avenues like productivity enhancement, cost reduction, innovation, and risk management.

Medtech - Beyond codes


MedTech is a segment under the larger umbrella of healthcare systems.

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