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Research as a Service


The services provided by Beyond Codes involve a blend of lead generation, consultative meetings with research analysts, utilization of both internal and external data sources, and a pay-for-use model.

Leverage The Raas Mechanism with Beyond Codes

To stand out from the competition, you must be able to comprehend the needs of your prospect accounts. This is where account profiling plays a key role; it provides you with relevant information on the business structure, key decision-makers, decision-making process, current vendors, and key initiatives of your prospects to help you determine the business potential within an account.  

The sales process can last anything between 3 weeks – 6 months. The only way to reduce this and make an impact is by doing account profiling; if you can define your clients’ needs and engagement goals, you can fast-track the process. Beyond Codes, as a B2B Account profiling company, can help you get actionable insights about your prospects that will enable you to start meaningful conversations that resonate with their pain points.  

Our customized sales intelligence reports will give you the exact information to reach specific customers and specific departments within companies. In addition, we map the IT landscape within the company based on distinct geographic regions and periods. We call this process- Sales Intelligence. 

Our Approach to Research as a Service

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Our Differentiators

People, Process & Systems

People, Processes & Systems, are the three pillars of our organization’s delivery framework.

Compliance and QA

3 Levels of QA before a Lead is closed, CAN-SPAM Trained Resources, GDPR Compliant process.

Risk Reward Model

Our flexible pricing models allow you to pay per lead, building a low-risk model for you.

Multi-Channel Approach

A combined Call + Email + LinkedIn reach out to engage the prospects at the right time with the right message.

Call Smart Model

Our proprietary Call SMART methodology connects you to the right decision-makers and influencers in the industry with more predictable ROI.

Industries we Serve

edtech - Beyond Codes


EdTech uses computers, computer programs, and educational systems to provide learning and training to students and employees.

Fintech -Beyond Codes


Fintech is a fast-growing industry that helps companies explore avenues like productivity enhancement, cost reduction, innovation, and risk management.

Medtech - Beyond codes


MedTech is a segment under the larger umbrella of healthcare systems.

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