Beyond Codes Inc.

For A Global IT and BPO Provider, we were Able to Generate 300+ Appointments, Leading to a Business Closure of $3.5 Mn in One Year

The client is a global Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing service provider, specializing in the Healthcare domain. The company also offered services across Insurance and Banking and Financial services verticals and was looking at fulfilling specific needs vis-à-vis acquiring new business in the North America market.

The client engaged with Beyond Codes to create established, targeted and segmented campaigns to consistently identify new business opportunities and reach out to the Influencers / Decision-makers among the prospects. The client also wanted us to build market intelligence tailored to the client’s geographical presence in North America.

A team from Beyond Codes comprising market research experts, lead generation professionals and technology researchers led by a dedicated account manager was assigned for the success of this efforts. The Beyond Codes team worked in partnership with the client’s inside Sales team to set objectives and

  • Gain insight into the service offerings
  • Set parameters for culling the right data
  • Identify the key contacts from among the target prospects

Post the quick ramp up on the knowledge side, the Beyond Codes team adopted a three-pronged approach to meet the goal

Establishing high quality database of Fortune 1500 companies based on predefined parameters. This was culled from the Beyond Codes proprietary database, other top data engines and extensive secondary research

This approach allows for detailed profiling of the approved target list before making the first call. It makes way for a dialogue between demand generation team calling on behalf of the client and the prospect leading to probing about future initiatives in the healthcare area. Overall, this approach helped create a strong first impression on behalf of the client with the prospects

During the process of probing, future opportunities were identified and a well-structured tracking process was put in place.

Through this, the team helped uncover business opportunities that the client could build on. The team also generated insight into the specifics of Payer solutions, Provider solutions, ICD-10 implementation and testing among the players within the Healthcare industry in different geographical regions in North America.

After 8 months since the start of the campaign, the client received over 300 appointments with key decision makers in the Fortune 5000 companies. Due to continued dedication of the Beyond Codes team, the client closed business of over USD 3.5 mil in a period of over 1 year and assumed ownership of a list of opportunities to pursue in the future.