Beyond Codes Inc.

Partnering With a $8.5 BN IT Giant to Deliver 120+ Meetings In Media & Entertainment Industry

Our Client is a Tier 1 IT & Product Engineering services company based in India. It has an annual turnover of $8.5 Bn. It builds simplified and scalable solutions for NextGen Digital User Experience that is cost optimized and is a business model of innovation.

The client wanted to hunt accounts to open doors of communication with key influencers and decision makers in the industry. They were having a hard time identifying the right prospects and automated nurturing. One of the major problems they were facing was their inability to target North America and Europe due to lack of contact database and non-availability of relevant resources.

Our client had precise expectations from us, and they were very clear on the numbers they needed. They expected 120 meetings in a span of 6 months with a focus on appointment setting with key influencers and decision makers. They also wanted us to help them with build a healthy sales pipeline in a given time frame.

They chose Beyond codes for our expertise in research-based calling, skilled set of human resources, and proven track record in Media and Entertainment industry.

Beyond Codes started the project by deploying a team of five human resources to get research done on a team of five resources. Once the quick ramp phase was done, Beyond Codes adopted their proprietary call-smart approach to meet the client goals. We focused on their semi-qualified leads as the first step towards building a healthy sales pipeline.

We got involved with the client and took their help in finalizing the account list. Regular engagement with the client helped us get precise feedbacks which would be passed on to the sales team to ensure messaging and value proposition is in proper sync.

We helped them get more than 120 meetings and major facetime with key influencers and decision makers in the industry. We were successful in creating a strong sales pipeline through lead nurturing and precise focus on semi-qualified leads. We also built a streamlined process to convert marketing qualified leads to sales qualified leads.