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Social Media Intelligence Helped the Client Move Swiftly to Identify Potential Opportunities

Our Client

Our client is a well-known international IT consulting and implementation company that delivers business solutions through global software development to different verticals.

Business Challenge

The client was looking to support its lead generation efforts through inbound and social media marketing techniques. They wanted to gain powerful insight into its customers, competitors, and industry influencers through Social Media Monitoring.

Our Solution

Beyond Codes set up a team of highly experienced Research Analysts to build a comprehensive insight into the social media landscape. To take full advantage of social media listening, Beyond Codes did monitoring across social media channels. Leveraging our experience and best practices and with access to multiple proprietary database, we identified decision makers/influencers in key accounts shared by the client. The next step was to look for these key decision makers and Influencers across various social channels and follow them to keep a constant watch for new opportunities.

The team used a social media listening tool to monitor conversations on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and online news outlets, what hashtags were being utilized and where conversations were occurring. All this intel was provided to client’s senior leadership on a daily/weekly basis. We also performed sentiment analysis and tracked level of activeness of competition.


  • Because of the social media monitoring program the client was able to immediately assess the information being shared, interact with key decision makers and influencers, and broadcast accurate information to right audiences.
  • This real-time data allowed client’s team to optimize its communications strategy as needed and empowered client’s leadership to make quick and informed decisions.
  • Analysis of information gathered through Social Media monitoring helped the client determine the effectiveness of their communications efforts and modify their strategy accordingly
  • It also aided in establishing relationships with the Key Decision Makers and Influencers.



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